Service and advice:  

Within the real estate mediation, secofim deals basically with both real estate and business sales and tenancies, especially in the hotel, trading,industrial, restorative and recreational field (multiplex, entertainment).

For those who would like to invest money in the field of the real estate,Secofin offers a good service for demand, location and management of properties with a guaranteed income.

Secofin takes also into account personalised tasks in order to develop projects and realise sale networks for the small, medium and large organised distribution, from the simple demand to the actual delivery.

A ten-year long experience in such field has allowed the acquisition of a know-how, which gives the opportunity of a specific assistance in the relation with public Administration, in order to carry out different tasks, like building permits, trade licences and change of the building utilisation.

Secofim directly provides services in the development and realisation of apportionment.